“What is it that which women most desire?”

Met in the wood, the Loathly Lady answers King Arthur’s question. But every question has its price…

My name is Hayley and at Loathly Lady, I write about Arthurian and related Celtic myths. I write about them from many perspectives. I have studied mythology and religion for well over a decade. I have a Master of Arts degree in women’s spirituality. I am a feminist and I am a witch.

I approach the Arthurian mythos as a dynamic tradition that is as deserving of study and reverence as other Celtic traditions that have living adherents. Here at Loathly Lady, you will read rituals, prayers, and ideas for worship alongside book reviews, scholarly articles, and poetry.

My Tarot Soul/Personality card is V. the Hierophant, in some decks called the High Priest. A teacher card, for some this card exemplifies rigidity and hierarchy. I see the High Priest as a teacher, a helper, and someone always wanting to find out and know more. To remind myself of these positive qualities, I use John and Caitlin Matthews’ “The Complete Arthurian Tarot” Tarot card, V. Taliesin. Taliesin is a bard, first of Urien, father of the great Owein, then to Arthur himself. Taliesin journeyed to Annwn, the Underworld, he wrote prophetic verse, and he was wise.

Taliesin from The Complete Arthurian Tarot illustrated by Miranda Gray

Arthurian myth is my passion and it is my hope that any readers will find a little Awen  and passion themselves.

I’ve included my master’s thesis, Celtic Solar Goddesses: From Goddess of the Sun to Queen of Heaven, here because it may be of interest and is not widely available to people who aren’t at my graduate school. Though not specifically Arthurian, it blends my love of myth with spirituality.




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